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This is BMW's first class in 2020 with a whole new generation

This is BMW's first class in 2020 with a whole new generation

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This is BMW's first class in 2020 with a whole new generation

With the completion of the development process and its final touches, BMW has released new thrillers for the first class car on social media.

In the photos posted on Facebook by BMW France, the front of the car appears, where the front-end design was officially unveiled for the first time.

Based on black touches and sporty design, we're probably looking at the M135i xDrive, a high-performance hatchback rivaling the Audi S3 Sportback and the Mercedes-AMG A35.

In previous permutations, the front end was more visible than the new mesh network, which was finished with satin aluminum and maybe for the M135i only. The bumper is shown to suit the vertical air intakes on the sides and the aggressive black underside under the bottom net.

At the rear, a cluster of rear light bulbs that give the new first-class car an almost frenzied look, especially when accompanied by an aggressive M135i rear bumper that features two colors, double exhausts, and prominent side air outlets.

The next generation of BMW's first class will be designed on the new FAAR platform for front or four-wheel drive vehicles.

The published photos, released this time by BMW on its official Facebook page, also present a fully fledged model.

The new AM35, the new 2.0-liter, 2.0-liter turbocharged double-turbocharged X2-M35i comes with the power of 306 hp and 450 Nm of torque.

The 8-speed automatic transmission is also expected to be the only option, while the chassis will have a limited-slip gear on the front axle.

Another feature we will see in the new first category is the ARB Traction Control System, which first appeared on the i3S.

The ARB features its control unit directly on the engine, enabling it to operate 10 times faster than the conventional traction control system and is more accurate with its interventions.

This technology, which will be compatible with all models of the first category, also works with stability control and new performance control.

In the next-generation cabin of the first category of BMW will be the focus on the driver in terms of systems and components, especially the communication systems in addition to a semi-independent command system.

This set of images also provides an inside look, where an engineer lifts the lid from the dashboard and detects the digital toolkit.

This feature will allow you to access a number of different functions with a variety of driver information, including navigation directions.

The overall design of the cabin is inspired by the new design of the third category, as shown by both pictures as well as the pre-spy shots.

BMW is expected to launch its first new category in Europe at the end of the year, which will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

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This is BMW's first class in 2020 with a whole new generation

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This is BMW's first class in 2020 with a whole new generation

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