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AbarthFrom History

Abarth: Seventy years of history and success

Abarth: Seventy years of history and success

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Abarth celebrates a history of victories in the field of motorsports and has recorded new records that have confirmed the brand's standing and established its presence among car lovers and fans around the world.

Abarth also remembered people who played a prominent role in enhancing her career, her sports achievements, and her well-known technological heritage, as well as the strong relationship between different generations of clients. Maximum performance, professionalism, and continuous technical improvement.

"Recalling the most important stages of Abarth is an opportunity to re-explore the cars that have broken records, revolutionary adaptive equipment and legendary racing that have characterized technical progress and unique achievements," said Luca Napolitano, president of Fiat and Abarth in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. For the brand in motorsport. "

"All these achievements are due to Abarth's past and promising past, as well as the commitment and pride of its employees who have worked over the years in their factories, offices and race tracks," said Napolitano. In addition to achieving the required athletic performance, the races for Abarth engineers and technicians are an excellent opportunity to test the most innovative technology solutions in the most extreme circumstances before moving them to the legally-approved Abarth models. In this way, we can achieve the best performance, safety, reliability and delivery to customers. "

This is clearly one of the leading brand secrets that continue to appeal to the automotive world, which is clearly reflected in the record sales in Europe in 2018, with 23,500 new registrations registering a growth of 36.5% over 2017. In some markets, for example, Abarth registered a record in the United Kingdom with 5,600 cars growing 27 percent, while Spain sold 1,450 cars with a similar growth of 27 percent. On the other hand, the brand's brand base has expanded significantly throughout Europe, with 110,000 registered members of the Abarth Scorpions community.

The excitement of the Abarth fans is growing in the wake of the impressive achievements of the Abarth 124 Rally, which has been renewed this year after a successful season in all the local and international rallies that took place, Two seasons of racing and the ongoing development of the Abarth team. The main goal is simply to maintain the leadership of Abarth as the winning and winning force within the R-GT category.

The Abarth 595 and the Abarth 124, which have been identified as unique and unique vehicles, were launched this year in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of Abarth, celebrating the outstanding achievements and successes of the world's leading brand of motorsport.

Celebrations continued at the recent Geneva Motor Show, with the 595 esseesse, which also bears the Abarth anniversary badge, as well as the release of the limited version of the 124 Rally Tribune. 124 Rally Tribute, with only 124 vehicles being manufactured.

In short, the celebration of the first seven decades of Abarth will be a real journey back to the roots of the pioneering myth, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of its early beginnings and characterize the distinctive features that make Scorpio's vehicles the perfect choice on the road.

Seventy Years of Abarth Performance and Passion ...

1949 - 2019: The first seventy years of the badge "Scorpio"

The legend of Abarth began with the Scorpion on March 21, 1949, when Karl Abarth (1908-1979) founded Abarth & C. With driver Gedo Scallarini, 204A (204A) ) Inspired by Fiat 1100 is the first product of the prestigious brand. Abarth gained international attention on April 10, 1950, when he was led by driver Tazio Nuvolari to win his last race, Palermo-Monte Pellegrino.

Since then, the history of Abarth has been marked by successive successes at the sports and industrial level, with the legendary brand maintaining the unique spirit of its founder to combine performance, design quality, manufacturing, and continuous mechanical development.

In fact, Carlo Abarth's interesting career began with motorcycles, not cars. At the age of 20, he won his first win as a Motor Thun, and in 2001 he designed and manufactured his first motorcycle under the Abarth brand. But, unfortunately, a painful accident forced him to abandon motorcycles in a race in the Austrian city of Linz.

Carlo Abarth continued to compete in the sidecars, the car that led him to fame through his heroic sporting endeavors such as his race with the Orient Express, which he won of course. The second incident in 1939 forced him to give up again and completely out of competition in races, which was a completely new beginning for Carlo Abarth.

In 1945, he moved to the Italian city of Mirano and became an Italian citizen. After a short experience in the Czech Republic, he founded Aparth. In 1949, Karl Abarth had an inspiration to complete the racing activities by producing huge revolutionary automobile groups to increase energy, speed, and acceleration.

This revolutionary group included automobile exhaust pipes, which over the years became a real symbol of the Abarth method. In just a few years, it became a global company, and by 1962 it produced 257,000 exhaust pipes, 65% of which were exported to overseas markets.

At the end of the 1950s and '60s, Abarth achieved a number of successes. In 1956, the Fiat-Abarth 750, designed by Burton, broke records in endurance and speed. The car was on record with the Monza circuit. June 18, at a distance of 3,743 km, at a rate of 155 km per hour.

From 27 to 29 June of the same year, the car broke other records on the same track, distances from 5 to 10 thousand miles, 5 thousand miles, and also races for 48 and 72 hours. Zagato designed the Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato and the Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato GT for the same car during that period. The roar of the car reached the ears of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., son of the President of the United States of America, who rushed to Italy to personally sign an exclusive contract with Abarth to distribute these vehicles within the United States.

In 1958, Abarth completed a true technical work on the new Fiat 500, transforming the entire small car and maximizing its potential.

In the same year, the brand intensified its partnership with Fiat, where Fiat committed to award the Abarth Cash Awards based on the number of victories and records achieved by the team, which led to a series of spectacular victories, which were 10 world records, 133 international numbers and more than 10,000 Triumph on the racetrack, as a result of these successes the legend continued to grow more and more and became a family company.

The end of the 1960s was the golden age of Abarth, and his name became linked to speed courage, performance, and development. The company's list of cars has carved the name of Karl Abarth in one of the longest racing cars in history, starting with the 850cc, which has won victories in all international races, including the Nurburgring circuit, to the Fiat Abarth 1000 Pearlina and Abarth 2300S ", which broke a series of records on the Monza circuit despite the harsh weather conditions at the time.

In 1971, the entire Abarth Group acquired Fiat. The myth continued with the European champion Fiat 124 Abarth in 1972 and 1975 and the Abarth 131, the world champion in 1977, 1978 and 1980. The Ritmo Abarth car. On October 24, 1979, the news of the death of Carlo Abarth, the scorpion's signifier, inspired the distinctive sporting mark on all his cars.

Abarth's long past has re-emerged in 2008, when the brand was re-launched with a new lineup of models made for motorbike enthusiasts such as the Abarth Grand Punto 2007 and the Apparth 500 (2008), as well as a revolutionary set of modification equipment for each Car versions of the Abarth Grand Ponto Rally Super 2000, and the Abarth 500 Aceto Corse.

Since then, the company has launched a series of new high-speed models such as the Abarth 695 Tripoto Ferrari (2010), the Abarth 595 manufactured at the Yamaha Racing Factory (2015), the Abarth 695 Babusto Record (2015) The Abarth 695 Rivali (2017), the Abarth 124 Spider launched in 2016, the Abarth 124 GT and the new Abarth 595 series, introduced in 2018.

Today, the Scorpio legend continues with the 70th anniversary of the founding of Abarth, with a wide range of cars such as the Abarth 595 and the Abarth 124, as well as the new brand Abarth Issy 595 and Abarth 124 for rally races.

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