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New MINI Cooper SE 2020 - The First Electric Version Of The New Car

New MINI Cooper SE 2020 - The First Electric Version Of The New Car

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New 2020 Mini Cooper SE
It is now possible to experiment with road traffic in the city on a fully motorized mini-MINI.

This is made possible by the new MINI Cooper SE (fuel consumption: 0.0 l / 100 km, power consumption: 15.0-13.2 kWh / 100 km, CO2 emissions: 0 g / km) ).

The car combines sustainable mobility with ride pleasure, expressive design and the high quality of the MINI. So the first electric-powered model of the famous British brand gives the all-inclusive sensation of the MINI car through emission-free driving.

Thanks to its 135KW / 184 hp power transmission, front-wheel drive as well as MINI-branded vehicles and innovative driving dynamics, the new MINI Cooper SE has unprecedented speed and agility.

The lithium-ion battery of this model allows driving to a range of 235 to 270 kilometers *. The high-voltage battery is located deep into the floor of the car, ensuring that it does not affect the size of the luggage compartment compared to the traditional MINI 3 Door.

With the new MINI Cooper SE, the British brand is once again making a huge shift in road driving. Sixty years ago, the stunning design principles of the classic Mini made it possible to lay the foundation for maximum interior space within the smallest surface area.

The MINI was launched in 2001, bringing new meaning to the innovative space use and fun ride that has become the origin of supercars. The new MINI Cooper SE will be the first fully electric mini-car to pave the way for a sustainable and enjoyable driving experience on the city's roads.

New MINI Cooper SE: Look at the advantages:

The first MINI car, and the first mini-car in the ultra-high-powered category.
135 kW / 184 hp electric motor and 270 Nm torque.
A lithium-ion battery of the model, capable of driving to a range of 235 to 270 kilometers, without affecting the internal space for luggage.
The vehicle can be charged using household plugs, a "bucks" charging system, general charging stations, or direct express charging, which can charge up to 50 kW.
Amazing agility and lightness thanks to automatic power delivery, low center of gravity, front fascia, and reduced wheel sliding.
The acceleration from zero to 60 km / h during 3.6 seconds, and from zero to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds.
Enjoy the design of the MINI 3 Door with emphasis on the details of the model
Display system and system controls within the interior design.
Determine the power recovery at two levels in the pedal.
Standard features include LED headlamps, automatic air conditioning, heat pump heating, back-up heating, electric corner brakes, and navigation system.

All-Electric 2020 Mini Cooper SE Revealed - Road & Track
New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

The concept of the car: the authenticity of the MINI in essence.

The new MINI Cooper SE is the first model to combine electric city-driven traffic and the brand-based brand of super-compact cars.

It is the first car to be fully powered by the British brand and has the originality of the MINI. The concept of the car is based on the MINI 3 Door. The dimensions, design, space and interior design of the new MINI Cooper SE clearly depend on the traditional-powered car, with upgrades that have taken into account the expansion of the model to include an electric version.

The new MINI Cooper SE was produced in Britain. It is coming from the production line at the MINI plant in Oxford along with other traditional versions of this model. It's driving technology is one of the BMW Group's centers for electric mobility in Dingolving and Landshut.

Instead of a gasoline or diesel engine, an electric motor is under the hood of the new MINI Cooper SE. The integrated unit is equipped with electronic devices and transmission systems in the front section of the support frame with a solid structure.

The high-voltage battery available in this type of lithium-ion cell is divided into 12 units. The sections form a complete T-shaped unit centered on the floor of the vehicle, producing a total energy content of 32.6 kWh.

Not only is the electric motor smaller, but it is also lighter than the combustion engine, which contributes to the smooth distribution of the axle load in the new MINI Cooper SE.

Thanks to this distribution, as well as the low center of gravity in the car, it has the possibility of high control, which makes the passage in high-speed cornering is easy and simple. The new MINI Cooper SE offers a very secure road system, not just the location of the high-voltage battery.

The battery is placed deeply in the car floor between the front seats and under the rear seats. As a result of this design, there are no restrictions on the use of luggage compartment space compared to conventional-powered model versions.

Like the MINI 3 Door with a combustion engine, the luggage compartment behind the tailgate is 211 liters and expands to 731 liters when folding backrests in the rear seats.

The only difference in measurements is to ensure that the floor is dedicated to the high-voltage battery. The new MINI Cooper SE is about 18 mm higher than the conventional model.

All components of the electric motor are protected by a structure of the model and are immediately switched off in the event of a collision. The concept of safety in the new MINI Cooper SE is in line with the BMW Group's high standards, which exceed legal requirements.

Electronic power devices are also protected by a power booster and engine support frame, while the high voltage battery is protected by a solid base plate. The weight of the car is 1,365 kilograms, and the weight of the electric model is only about 145 kilograms from the MINI Cooper S 3 Door with Steptronic.

2020 Mini Cooper SE – Electric Mini Hardtop - Car and Driver
New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

MINI design with special details of the model

Specific modifications and changes have been made to the conventional fuel model in the design of the new MINI Cooper SE.

The distinctive distribution of the traditional three parts of the body frame, the glass surfaces of all sides, the roof, the short suspension parts and the widening space between the tires are special features that form the foundation of the first MINI car.

These carefully applied measurements reflect the forward-oriented driving system. The charging plug is placed on the right rear wheel, fully in the fuel filling area of ​​the traditional MINI 3 Door. The engraved MINI Electric logo shows the difference in the quality of energy used in the car.

Yellow inscriptions on this shape have been placed on side turning indicators, known as "side scuttles", on the rear door and the front radiator grille.

This central component of the MINI Cooper SE's front end features a hexagonal frame but is actually closed, as the electric vehicle needs a small amount of cooling air.

There is a yellow bar on the net and external mirror covers, and the standard design of the new MINI Cooper SE has LED headlamps.

As with the front grille of this model, the highly enclosed undercarriage and the specially designed apron contribute to the reduction of aerodynamic drag. The fact that the electric MINI does not need an exhaust system makes it possible to adopt air ducts in the chassis and rear.

There is also a surface to upgrade the aerodynamic wheels on optional 17-inch alloy wheels with an asymmetrical design in the MINI Electric Corona Spoke 2-tone wheels. As with the 16-inch light metal wheels in the MINI Electric Revolite Spoke, this latest design is available exclusively for the new MINI Cooper SE.

Exclusive driving pleasure: 135 kW / 184 hp electric motor.

The torque of the engine that starts automatically, and the continuous power supply that does not stop when the gears change, are the main driving features of the new MINI Cooper SE. These features ensure driving pleasure in the MINI and make it a great experience.

The power source is the latest powerful version of the synchronous electric motor developed by the BMW Group. The engine's design principle provides a high level of power that allows access to high-speed motor ranges, high efficiency, and low vibration operation.

The engine in the new MINI Cooper SE produces a maximum power output of 135 kW / 184 hp. The maximum torque is 270 Nm and is available from a complete stop-off as in electric motors.

The power is transferred to the front wheels via the transmission with a single-phase configuration and integrated differential gears.

As a result, the new MINI Cooper SE is pushing forward with every movement of the accelerator, ensuring exceptional driving experience on the city's specially paved roads.

The new MINI Cooper SE accelerates from a standstill to 60 km / h in only 3.9 seconds. Over the first 60 meters, you can keep up with traditional sports cars without trouble.

The MINI electric car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds, and its top speed is 150 km / h.

The development of the new MINI Cooper SE in its sportiness is not limited to its spontaneity and sophistication but has become almost no noise. For this reason, they are standardly equipped with infantry sound protection.

A distinctive voice was created specifically for the new MINI Cooper SE via a speaker system. The design of the sound while driving at a low-speed range ensures a familiar voice presence of the MINI on the road.

Lightness and agility thanks to an innovative system of driving dynamics

The new electric motor gives the concept of karting to an amazing new level. The superb and easy control of the new MINI Cooper SE comes with improved suspension technology specifically for this model.

In conjunction with the electric motor, the principle of experiential and laboratory suspension design - with a single-spindle-mounted front axle and a multi-link rear axle to increase competitiveness and electromechanical guidance - ensures maximum driving stability, steering accuracy, and spontaneity when changing direction.

With 30 mm less weight compared to the MINI Cooper S, this helps optimize the weight distribution of the new MINI Cooper SE to achieve a high level of dynamic cornering in the small car segment.

In order to ensure that the high level of torque provided by the electric motor can be used immediately upon departure and enjoy the driving style without losing traction, the new MINI Cooper SE has been provided with DSC (dynamic stability control system).

This system is controlled by slippage and is specially designed to provide automatic power produced by electric motors, making driving super in all road and weather conditions.

The so-called low-wheel-close control of the operator means that controls are calculated directly within the driving system instead of the remote control with long signal paths, as in traditional driving stability systems.

This improves both the traction from the starting position and the stability of the drive in the brake recovery mode and when accelerating from the narrow curves.

MINI driving modes with four settings.

The driver in the first fully electrified MINI car can change the car settings according to the current situation on the road and based on their personal preferences.

The driving mode of the MINI car is determined by a key located on the right side of the switch bar.

There are four different modes to choose from in the MINI Cooper SE. The sport mode differs from the standard MID mode settings, with direct steering in turns, and a special automatic response to the driving system.

The steering features adopted to ensure comfort in MID mode are also active in GREEN mode, as well as in the new GREEN + mode specifically designed for the new MINI Cooper SE.

Moreover, the driving system in these latter two situations is moving towards maximum efficiency. In GREEN mode, specific comfort functions, such as heating, air conditioning, and seat heating, are limited or inactive to increase the range of the vehicle.

Recovery of brake power on two levels.

One of the parts of the BMW experience is the sensation of a pedal. In particular traffic in the city, the car slows significantly as soon as the driver removes his foot from the pedal.

This effect occurs because the electric motor in this mode performs the function of the generator, and converts the kinetic energy back into electrical energy that feeds the high voltage battery again.

The result is that the electrically powered car can slow down appropriately to low speeds without using the brake system, and thus can drive using a single pedal. The extent to which brake energy can be restored and the vehicle's speed can be slowed down during deceleration is determined by the engine control programming system.

The new MINI Cooper SE is the first BMW model to be powered by electric power, where the driver can influence the efficiency of the recovery. The switch that is placed to the left of the on / off unit provides the option of intensive or low-level recovery only with the effect of deceleration, regardless of MINI driving modes.

In this way, the deceleration response can be adjusted when the power direction is accurately reflected with the driver's personal driving style when adopting a dynamic driving style. Depending on personal preferences, it is possible to take advantage of the power available when entering the turn or when making a stronger curb effect.

To ensure maximum efficiency in the MINI Cooper SE, the high level of automatic recovery is included within the standard settings each time the engine is turned on.

A model cab with a digital dashboard.

The new MINI Cooper SE is standardly equipped with a range of tools for this model and includes a 5.5-inch color screen with a Black Panel design behind the steering wheel. In the middle of this entire digital screen, the speed of the road appears in numbers with a perimeter band.

The speed bar is also displayed in the optical ring within the center tool, according to the selected mode: SPORT, MID, Green, and GREEN.

Other digital displays within the toolkit provide information on the level of charge of the high voltage battery, the selected driving mode, the development of driver assistance systems, and Check Control messages.

In addition, details are displayed on the remaining driving range, current driving power, external temperature, time and distance traveled, as well as traffic detection reports and high-direction directions from the navigation system. Dial-up menus and audio programs can also be accessed.

During charging, the Digital Meter panel provides important information. If the car is connected to a power outlet or charging station, it is possible to read the available driving range, the percentage charge plus the time and the external temperature.

The remaining time is also displayed to charge the fully high voltage battery. The color of the palette changes depending on the situation: from orange during initialization to yellow during charging, and green when full power is completed. Any error in charging is indicated by red.

Other special interior features include the model's transmission arm in the central console. The new MINI Cooper SE is also equipped with a parking brake that is activated and powered by a key in the center panel.

The MINI electric car ensures flexibility during charging.

The new MINI Cooper SE is powered by power from the power grid, which can be connected to a traditional home power outlet, the MINI ELECTRIC Wallbox, or the general charging station.

The vehicle's charging system is designed for use in AC or DC charging using a Type 2 jack or CCS Combo 2.

At the connection point, the charging level indicator appears to display orange signals to initiate initialization, yellow-light pulses for continuous charging, and a green light when the battery is fully charged.

The standard charging cable can be connected with a home socket. The MINI ELECTRIC Wallbox system is optionally available for domestic charging as well as a three-phase power cable for use in public charging stations.

Both options can charge the high-voltage battery in the new MINI Cooper SE with a maximum capacity of 11 kW up to 80 percent over a two-and-a-half-hour time, and the charge rate is 100 percent in three and a half hours.

The DC charging station allows you to supply your car with more energy. The new MINI Cooper SE is designed with a maximum load capacity of 50 kW, allowing the cargo to reach 80% in just 35 minutes.

The installation service is also available with the MINI ELECTRIC Wallbox system. The box can be installed in the garage and in the covered positions of the parking lot. ChargeNow is available to ensure maximum comfort while charging: Customer service enables access to the world's largest network of public terminals.

The registration is done at the charging station and the power charge is charged through the ChargeNow card or smartphone application.
2020 Mini Cooper SE is a sprightly hatch with electric feel - ...
New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

Automatic two-zone air conditioning with additional heat pump and heating technology.

The standard design of the new MINI Cooper SE includes an automatic air conditioning system in two zones with separate ventilation and temperature control for the driver and front passenger side.

The inside is heated by a heat pump that collects the lost heat from the engine, driving control systems, high voltage battery, and external air before being introduced into the air conditioning system.

The developed thermal pump for the new MINI Cooper SE is efficient. It also uses 75 percent less energy than the conventional electric heating system and provides a high level of comfort in the winter.

In order to increase the range, the cooling and heating circuits are directly connected to the driving technology, which is a highly efficient system. The integrated control system ensures a pleasant internal temperature and perfect operating temperature for the high voltage battery at the same time - independently of each other, by cooling and heating.

The new air conditioning in the new MINI Cooper SE offers additional heating and air conditioning. This allows the inside to be heated or cooled to a specified temperature before starting.

The driver can use the MINI Connected Remote application to set the departure time to set the internal situation in advance as desired.

The standard navigation system and MINI Connected services.

The new MINI Cooper SE also includes a navigation system, as well as central display elements and MINI Connected services designed specifically for power-driven vehicles.

The eDrive screen provides information on the current flow of power and the range available for driving, as well as providing ways to increase the range of the car by deactivating the comfort functions. The circle range can be displayed on the navigation map, so indicating the radius of the circle in which the car can move in accordance with the level of charge.

When the guide starts on the road, it offers the fastest and shortest route and offers a green path with the lowest level of energy consumption.

The standard navigation system includes a 6.5-inch touch screen in the center panel. The screen provides real-time traffic information, as well as the MINI Online platform and the Apple CarPlay setup. This remote connection allows you to automatically view and update your car navigation map.

The "Remote Services" allows the driver to view details of the battery charge status and the range of driving available on the smartphone via the MINI Connected application.

In addition, a map view is available showing the general charging stations close to the vehicle. At the same time, it is not only possible to activate the function of closing the headlight, lock the door, ventilation, and lock / unlock the door remotely, but also can activate the function of the preset.

When the vehicle is connected to the power grid, the driver can also control the remote charging process. The Connected Navigation Plus optional equipment item also includes an 8.8-inch color screen and a wireless connection function.

Luxurious fittings within a standard design, and modification options

Four exterior and interior packages are available for the new MINI Cooper SE, adding to a wide range of high-quality standard equipment, each with specific exterior finishing options, alloy wheels, seat upholstery, and interior fittings.

In this way, the Salt, Pepper, and Chili packages available in the current MINI models are also available to ensure selective vehicle selection with ease. The Trim S and Trim M packages include Connected Navigation and Connected Navigation Plus is part of Trim L and Trim XL.

Trim S also offers the choice of Moonwalk Gray and White Silver Metallic. Trim M and Trim L also have the choice of Chili Red, British Racing Green, and Midnight Black metallic. Above all, the MINI Yes Enigmatic Black option is available in the Trim XL package.

The exterior of the new MINI Cooper SE is finished with a gray "Vigorous Gray" and can be chosen in yellow, as in the horizontal stripe on the front radiator grille.

Regardless of the package of selected equipment, all exterior finishes and exterior mirror covers can also be combined with body finishes (not available in White Silver metallic), black or white.

Depending on the package of selected equipment, there is an option to adopt wheels made of light alloys measuring 16 and 17 inches within 5 different options.

In interior design, the new MINI Cooper SE was fitted with a double-striped black stripe carbon black fabric. Which is part of the Trim S. package?

Trim M, Trim L, Black Pearl, and Black Punk Leather Cross Punch Carbon Black. The MINI Yours Lounge Carbon Black is available in the Trim XL package.

The four optional interior fittings of the MINI Cooper SE ensure a consistent mix of interior surfaces, color lines, ceiling lining, steering wheel, and floor coverings.

The Interior Style MINI Dark features light on the sports side of the new model, while the Interior Style MINI Light emphasizes its stylish features.

The Interior Style MINI Electric features yellow lines and the MINI Electric logo on floor coverings and specific surfaces, particularly emphasizing sustainable mobility.

The Interior Style MINI Yours uses superior materials and finishing quality in the interior surfaces of the MINI Yours Piano Black and the MINI Yours sports steering wheel.

New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

New 2020 Mini Cooper SE

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