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Tour of the UK qualifier of Porsche Mobil 1 Super Cap

Tour of the UK qualifier of Porsche Mobil 1 Super Cap

Tour of the UK qualifier of Porsche Mobil 1 Super Cap

Oman's Al Faisal Al-Zubair will start the fourth round of the Porsche-Mobil 1 Super Cup for the 2019 season from seventh place after a trial of 32 participants at the famous Silverstone Circuit in Northampton, Saturday evening.

Al-Faisal, the driver of the BWT Lechner Racing Team, recorded 2: 02.702 at the end of the seventh period. Turkish driver Ihanjan Goven scored the fastest time of 2: 02.288, while French driver Florian Latour The second on the net, followed by Australian Jackson Evans.

"I'm very happy with this result. It's good to start out of seventh place because I have not missed the previous training periods and I think I'm the only one who did not participate in it. I think it's good considering I ended the free run in the 19th place, So I am very satisfied with this result, I will try to finish the race in the best possible position, God willing, and harvest the greatest possible yield of points for the championship "

Thirty-two of the world's best racers took part in the half-hour training on Saturday night, including tour guest Chris Hoi, the Olympic cyclist.

The drivers began recording time, with Dutch driver Larry Tin Forde scoring 2: 02.658 minutes, while Al Faisal opened the scoring with a 2: 03.241 record, finishing ninth. Hassan Tin Forde took his time on the third lap, maintaining the first position, while Al-Faisal dropped to 15th place.

Faisal returned to the track nine minutes before the end of the period and was the second driver on the circuit after Evans.

The rest of the drivers returned to the ring with eight minutes remaining. Evans scored the fastest time, 2: 02.517 minutes, while Al Faysal scored the fourth fastest time, with 2: 02.702 minutes but then retreated to fifth.

With less than three minutes remaining, Evans maintained first place against Denmark's Mikkel Pedersen, Tyne Forde, Litor and Faisal, but Frenchman Julien Adelard scored the fifth fastest time, leaving Al-Faisal to sixth, and with almost one minute left The period, Guffen recorded the fastest time, 2: 02.288 minutes, which led to the retreat of Al-Faisal to seventh.

Al-Faisal Al-Zubair could not improve his time. He was inside the maintenance platforms. The time remaining for the qualifying rounds was not enough to run a quick final. He was only seven more than a supervisor on the starting line, hoping to finish the race better in the race.

Al-Faisal had to perform well in the qualifying trials, after finishing the free trials, held on Friday evening, in the 19th place, where he scored the best personal time, 2: 04.564 minutes, after running 18 laps. While Ihangan Goven scored the best time, with 2: 03.078 minutes, 0.197 seconds faster than Florian Latour. Julian Andlauer, Michael Ammueller and Jackson Evans completed the top five.

The fourth round of the Porsche-Mobil 1 Super Cup will be held on Sunday, July 14, at 1:15 pm, KSA time, just hours before the Formula One Grand Prix, and will be broadcast live on MBC Action, as part of its exclusive and direct coverage of the Formula One World Championship.

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Tour of the UK qualifier of Porsche Mobil 1 Super Cap

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Tour of the UK qualifier of Porsche Mobil 1 Super Cap


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