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New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

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The Honda Accord, introduced for the first time in 1976, is Honda's second-longest model after Honda Civic. Honda Accord is the first Japanese car manufacturer to be produced in the United States, and its production has been ongoing at the company's plant in Marysville, Ohio, since November 1, 1982, using parts from local and international sources.

The total production of Accord has exceeded 17.5 million units. In 1987, Accord became the first car manufactured in the United States by a Japanese car manufacturer and exported abroad (Accord Sedan to Taiwan).

Also, Accord played an important role in upgrading and improving low emission technology for cars in America, and was the first Honda car to meet the ULEV, SULEV and SULEV30 standards in California emissions.

New Accord

Accord is the tenth-generation medium-size sedan and best-selling brand produced by Honda.

In a brand-new design, the new Accord is built on a new platform with a lower and wider stand, a lighter, more durable structure and a more sophisticated and lighter chassis. Two new, sophisticated turbochargers, first used in Accord, And a new 10-speed automatic transmission.

In re-inventing the tenth generation of Accord, designers and engineers at Honda sought to express "absolute confidence" in each of the design and performance elements.

Based on the solid character of the Accord - its stunning quality, fuel economy efficiency, shape and dynamics in driving - they worked to elevate the 10th generation of Accord to a new level of emotional appeal and quality.

The Accord is challenging the overall trend of its mid-size sedan, providing superior performance, comfort and appeal, a more spacious cabin and the latest generation of Honda's advanced safety and driver assistance.

In short, it is the most distinctive Accord in its design, its Excellency and the pleasure of its leadership.

what's new?

In Accord, almost everything is new and fundamentally re-engineered. The major new engineering features and features in the redesign of the Accord 10 generation are as follows:

2018 Honda Accord Packs More Technology Than Most
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

the structure

29 percent of high-strength steel, the highest ratio ever for Honda are produced on a large scale

ACE architecture for the front section of the chassis with a shock-resistant design

Laser welding of roof

Technical areas of rear collisions with non-harsh zones technique

The first use of structural adhesives in Accord

The first application of foam insulation in Accord

More lightness (10 kg, for chassis weight), more hardness (+24 percent for the hardness of sprains, + 32 percent for bending hardness)


Intensive aluminum front suspension system with new aluminum superstructure with high rigidity and steel

Multi-link rear suspension system with a floating bottom structure

Two modes of the driving system (Sport models)

Electric steering wheel with double gear and electronically variable ratios

Electronic Brake Strength Support System (EBB)

Electric hand brake (EPB) with brake installation function

Chassis lighter by six percent (excluding tires and wheels)

Three new designs for aluminum wheels (17 and 18 inches)

the engine

1.5-liter VTEC engine with direct injection and turbocharging with Variable Variable Time Control (VTC)

The 2.0-liter VTEC engine is available by direct injection and turbocharging with a dual VTC

A 10-speed automatic transmission is available

Communication and driver assistance gatherings

Honda sensor system

8-inch audio system display (EX and higher)

A display on the 6-inch windshield (2.0T Sport)

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New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

Advantages and design

In the process of reconfiguring Accord, the designers first laid out a basic strategy of advantages. While maintaining the philosophy of "The Largest Area for Passengers and the Less Space of the Engine (MM)" in the design of all Honda models, the team has reduced the size of Accord while increasing the spaciousness of its interior space while creating higher proportions and more athletic stance.

The transition to 4-cylinder engines in all categories was a key factor in this approach, allowing for a shorter engine compartment while at the same time less weight and improved dynamic performance.

The Accord has a longer wheelbase (+ 55 mm), a lower overall height (-15 mm), a wider structure (+ 10 mm) and a shorter total length (-15 mm). The new stand and proportions are completed in the new Accord generation with a rear side glass located further on the chassis.

The common effect of these changes is a more refined look, featuring a shorter distance between the wheels and the front and rear of the car, a bold front end, a long and low hood, and a shift of the center of gravity visually closer to the rear wheels.

Seen from the front, the rear side glass also curves sharply higher than the window columns to the ceiling, for more light on the wider and lower structure,

While the seats in the cabin were moved to the inside a little, which improves the area of ​​the sides, shoulders, and head while enhancing the freedom of movement of passengers. In addition, the longer wheelbase allowed the designers to move the second-row seats back significantly, providing the Accord with an extra 48 mm of foot space at the rear.

The total size of the passenger space has increased by 70 liters (LX model). The luggage compartment area is 473 liters in all models and categories with an increase of 25 liters in the 1.5 liters and 2.0-liter models.

Elegant and stylish exterior details complement the most dynamic new design of the Accord. The bold, vertical front façade is accentuated by Honda's distinctive chrome front fascia wings mounted on a wide, air-permeable main entrance, surrounded by 9 full LED front lights and LED fog lights.

The center of the bonnet is characterized by a greater elevation in the center and greater boldness. The curved sides of the structure are further enhanced by the depth of the visual length and strength of the lower part of the structure.

A new laser and copper welding process that combines the roof with the sides of the structure gives a superior exterior appearance without the need for plastic insulation over rain channels.

The low and wide rear view, similarly, has been completed with a decklid-mounted aerial wing, a tube of LED lights for the rear lights set and a double exhaust outlet.

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New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

the engine

The Accord Accord X follows a completely new approach to performance with two new 4-cylinder VTEC® engines with direct injection and turbocharging with variable VTC - a 1.5-liter engine with 16-valve, 4-cylinder straight-line and a 2.0-liter DOHC engine with 16 valves And 4 cylinders in a straight line.

Both new engines are turbocharged, generate the highest level of torque at a wide range of low engine rotation speeds, provide a smooth and virtually delay-free power for throttle response and generate exceptional power in all driving conditions.

The 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is accompanied by Honda's continuous CVT transmission with G-Shift control.

The new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which shares many things with the Civic Type-R 2017, features a 10-speed, high-speed, Honda-style automatic transmission, the first of its kind with a front-wheel drive.

The two new automatic transmission transmitters also benefit from the available torque while maximizing the quietness and efficiency of driving on highways.

The redesigned CVT features 11 percent less change than the previous generation to deliver more powerful, while the new 10-speed automatic transmission comes with a lighter weight of 9 kg, with a 43 percent lower rate at the first speed And 17 percent higher at the higher speed than the previous six-speed automatic transmission.

The 1.5-liter engine with turbocharged and 4-cylinder continuous transmission

The new 1.5-liter DOHC engine in Accord represents another engine development that was first introduced in the Civic 2016 with direct injection, low inertia is turbocharged and single-stroke with electric pressure control and a double-shift transmission (CVT). The engine is born with turbocharging power and higher torque than before.

In addition, the power generated by a multiple "4-in-2" manifold is partially increased by the exhaust that improves the flow of exhaust gas to the turbo (see below).

The maximum power is 148 kW (198 hp) at 5500 rpm with 260 Nm for torque from 1600 to 5000 rpm, compared to 141 kW (189 hp) at 6400 rpm and 247 nm for torque at 3,900 rpm Minute in the previous 2.4-liter Accord engine with natural pull.

The 2.0-liter engine with a turbocharged and 4-cylinder transmission

Assembled at the Honda plant in Anna, Ohio, using parts from local and international sources, the 2.0-liter DOHC engine shares many things with the sporty Civic Type-R 2017 engine and the highest torque ever offered at Accord.

Compared with the 2.0-liter turbo-type engine in the Civic Type-R, the 2.0-liter Accord uses a turbocharged turbocharger with a smaller turbine and inertia for better response at low engine speed.

With a 20.8-pound-per-inch (PSI) drive, the Accord's maximum power is 184 kW (247 hp) at 6500 rpm with 370 Nm torque from 1500 to 3500 rpm.

With maximum torque at low rotational speeds, both response and acceleration are significantly enhanced.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine offers a much wider range of power output, with torque features for the V6 engine, which extends over 1200 to 4800 rpm - the range of engine torque used most often.


Accord offers a 1.5-liter engine with responsive CVT. The transmission features a continuous, smooth CVT transmission with excellent acceleration and is compatible with low engine rotational speeds during driving.

The wide range of change ratios results in strong acceleration performance coupled with low engine rotary speeds at high speeds on the roads.

Also, the redesigned CVT has 11 percent less change than the previous generation to deliver a stronger performance at launch.

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New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

10-speed automatic transmission (10AT)

The Accord models are available in a 2.0-liter engine with a new 10AT automatic transmission from the Honda development, the first of its kind in the Accord class.

Designed to enjoy high efficiency with low internal inertia and exceptionally wide range of change ratios, the 10AT automatic transmission achieves maximum efficiency and fuel economy.

Compared with the previous 6-speed automatic transmission, a 10-speed automatic transmission comes with 9 kg lighter and a 68 percent wider range for the gearbox, with a 43 percent lower speed and a 17-fold higher speed. Percent at top speed.

The 10AT is designed to be compact and lightweight, and features four-channel planetary sets that work together to provide an exceptionally wide ratio of 10.139: 1 compared to 6.041: 1 in the previous 6-speed Accord generation.

Also, the 10-speed transmission features a higher or faster transmission speed than the previous 6-speed transmission generation. For a higher response, the 10-speed transmission can go directly to 4 lower speeds: from 10 to 6 or from 7 to 3.

To maximize fuel efficiency and minimize internal noise, the 10-speed transmission came exceptionally long, resulting in a quieter and smoother rotation speed for the engine while driving.

Shift-By-Wire button

In Accord with the 10-speed automatic transmission, replace the traditional shift knob with a full-speed electronic shift-by-wire button. The Park, Neutral, and Drive selection process is done at the click of a button.

The selection of the rear speed will pull a dedicated button. Indicator lights on or near the buttons indicate the selected position.

As an additional safety feature, when the car stops in Drive or Reverse mode, the system will automatically switch to Park mode in a situation where the driver's safety belt is not tied and the door is open. The steering wheel shift system allows the driver to have full manual control of the speed switch selection.

Structure and exterior design

In the process of developing it into a more luxurious sedan, sober and attractive, the new generation of the all-new Accord is based on a stronger, lighter and significantly more durable chassis.

It features the widest and lowest external ratios and a more luxurious and athletic stance, enhanced by a longer wheelbase and wider wheel distance (see chassis), advanced outdoor lighting (including LED headlights and fog lights) and glossy and luxurious finishes.

The 17-inch and 18-inch aluminum wheel choices (three wheel designs in total) offer a sedan with a more confident, youthful and athletic character.

In the next generation of Accord, the use of high-strength hardness steel is more than twice as much (29 percent) than the previous Accord Sedan - along with the first structural adhesives used in this model - to increase the overall hardness of the spindle by 24 percent, 32 percent, the rigidity of the ground twisting by 12 percent.

This will help improve all aspects of the vehicle's dynamic performance. The Anti-Noise, Vibration, and Hardness (NVH) procedures, including the first and leading application of foam in the sedan, make the Accord's top model quieter, more comfortable and efficient than Accord.

honda accord 2015
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

Exterior design

Elegant and elegant, confident and distinctive, youthful and athletic - the design of the tenth generation of Accord is up to the emotional and inspirational appeal of the Accord. Designed to distinguish itself from its competitors as a "top class" car, the new Accord has a wider opening, a lower roofline and a longer and significantly lower engine hood for better dynamics, a more comfortable cabin, and a more impressive presence.

With a shorter distance between the wheels and the front and rear of the car, Honda's front-end design features a Honda front fascia, chrome front windshield wipers and wing-shaped front lights (the high and low LED type in the Sport 2.0 model) and a bold air intake About power. The bold hood lines provide a sporting view of the front Accord front,

The two thinnest pillars of the windshield were pushed back into the chassis (relative to the driver in the driving position) to improve the driver's external vision by 7.9 degrees compared to the previous Accord sedan.

The sporty features of the chassis are characterized by strong wheel brackets, eye-catching lines that give a front-to-back figure along the borderline between the window glass, the doorline, deep door surfaces that attract full light, and strong, streamlined bottom slats that strongly indicate the base of the structure.

With the new and longer wheelbase for the Accord, the wider cabin has become more streamlined before, with a more refined rear section including the windows in the last quarter longer and sleek.

These windows contribute to the formation of a cabin with 6 "windows of light" that gives a sense of lightness, a wider vision and sporty taste to the new Accord, while a glossy finish from the front to the back over the windows gives a back-to-back look.

At the back, the glossy finish in a sporty, high-dynamic design looks exactly like the front end, with a slightly wider wheelbarrow than the previous generation of Accord.

Here, the Decklid air wing helps with a special design and sharp air to separate smoothly from the chassis, while the glossy finish (including double exhaust and exhaust in both the Sport and Sport 2.0 models) offers a higher overhead look, The type of LED specifically refers to the Accord as a whole new car - and from Honda fully.

Structural Insulators

The Accord features high-level body insulators to significantly reduce noise levels inside the car and includes weld insulators and other seals to reduce concussion and noise transmission.

These combined technologies result in a 43 percent reduction in chassis leaks, significantly reducing noise entering the cabin in sensitive areas.

In addition, the soundproofed windshield (see below) contributes to an additional insulating carpet, invisible layers of soundproofing in the chassis, an insulated inner lining in the wheel cavities, and an active noise cancellation technique (ANC) ) In further reducing engine noise and road noise.

The details of the seals include:

Foam insulation provides additional sound insulation by blocking the cavities of the columns, reducing the transmission of sound from the floor area to the passenger compartment.

This is the first use of it in Accord and is applied to the base of the front, center and rear pillars of the glass, as well as the windshield and the top of the rear glass columns.

Insulating tape is applied to the base of the front, center and rear pillars of the glass, and a foam seal is applied to the bottom of the center column. The above-mentioned sound and foam tape shall be applied immediately after the completion of the body-in-white process prior to the installation of the main pieces and direct assembly.

Insulators for soundproofed gaps fill the open areas within the structure of the doors, and significantly reduce the noise of air, road, and concussions that can reach the cabin. The same material from Thinsulate ™ used in the doors is also used to reduce the transmission of sound through the roof and the front posts of the chassis (above).

Moldings and air-tight door clamps are the first to use in Accord and are placed in key places where the side windows slip through the doors. This helps reduce the possibility of audible air leaks occurring in these places.

Three-phase insulation The doors are fully insulated to reduce air noise and enhance insulation.

Door Insulators The rear door hinges combine three-door openings with lower-door insulators to prevent air noise from entering the cabin.

Engine compartment insulators, including front, side and rear hood insulators, soundproofed heat barriers on the hood and under the instrument panel.

honda accord 2019
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

Glass soundproofing

The laminated and laminated windshield helps reduce noise entering the cabin.

Specifically designed to reduce wind noise, city, and traffic noise, the soundproofed windshield uses an outer layer of safety glass, a thick layer of PVB soundproofed polyethylene and an inner layer of glass. The total thickness is 4.7 mm, helping to position Accord at the top of its class in noise insulation performance.

The Accord and LX models have a 5mm front toughened glass, 4mm glass in rear doors, 4 mm glass in the last quarter windows, 4mm thick glass in the rear window, while EX and higher models have tempered glass and soundproofed In the front doors.

In addition, in the available electric ceiling, use a 3.5 mm thick gray glass for privacy.

the structure

Based on a structure of a much more rigid structure with two new front and rear suspension systems, as well as a lower center of gravity and lower front roll center, the Accord 10 generation significantly enhances the performance of Accord dynamics.

The precision control, turn and brake controls express a sense of "absolute confidence" in the driver and passengers in all driving conditions.

The new Accord features larger front brake discs, standard 17-inch aluminum wheels with 225/50R17 tires, 18-inch wheels and 235 / 40R18 tires.

The new Accord shares a number of other Honda models in the straight-driving assist system, the flexible control assist system, the EPB brake pads, the brake stabilization function, the ramp assist system, and the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Rear and front suspension

The Accord's new suspension uses a combination of MacPherson front fascia and multiple rear couplings with solid bottom structures, including a lightweight aluminum alloy cast in the front and a floating type at the rear.

The front suspension improves the traction style of the space to enhance shock protection, and the multi-link rear suspension provides excellent control and high mobility - while maximizing the second row and load area.

The front and rear balance bars in all models improve response in the turn while reducing the possibility of rolling the structure at turns. Now, the balancing rods are welded with stabilized bearings with use for low friction joints to run smoother. The Sport model has more responsive springs and balance bars for better response and a stronger sense of communication, in line with Sport customer expectations.

Electric steering wheel (EPS) with double shaft with variable ratios and help from rod and gears

For the first time in Accord, the electric steering wheel (EPS) includes twin-shaft gears and variable gear ratio for outstanding driving, performance, and comfort in this category.

Compared to the traditional single-shaft driving system, the electric steering wheel with a double shaft uses the driver's perceived steering input as well as an additional electric motor. An offline torque sensor measures the driver's driving effort and an ECU determines how much help the electric motor should make, giving a smooth, natural and precise driving feel.

The change ratio is variable with a complete final ratio outside the center of 11.8: 1. This provides 2.3 quick wheel cycles for a complete cycle of the car (compared with 2.5 in the previous model), allowing for reliable and precise ride control and easy maneuvers at low speeds.

In the Sport model, the electric steering wheel has been further tuned to provide more information on front tires for a higher sense of safety and excitement.

Discounted wheels for noise

For the first time in any car produced by Honda, the Sport 1.5 and higher models feature a 6-decibel noise reduction design.

The main elements of the noise reduction feature are damped to the noise and mold of the resin in the bar on the inner section of the ledge. And

The result is less resonance of noise in the air column inside the wheel. One of the most important benefits of low-noise wheel technology is a significant reduction in sound noise resulting from bumps or blows when the Accord passes on the expansion joints on the road.

honda accord 2010
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

Interior Design

The all-new Accord features a more spacious, luxurious and sophisticated cabin that complements the design of its sleek new structure, sporty driving style and more.

The wider chassis and longer wheelbase of the new Accord improve the space of the cabin, especially the addition of 48 mm to the foot space at the rear, along with an increase of 70 liters to the interior and 25 liters to the luggage compartment despite its shorter, built-in and sportier exterior.

All of this is the result of Honda's experience in features and its philosophy of design based on "the largest area of ​​passengers and less space for the engine."

The new cabin was highlighted by a new three-level dashboard, a precision sports steering wheel, a new, colorful digital TFT display for the driver, and an 8-inch (8".

Giving careful attention to the visual quality and texture of the materials gives a general feeling of cabin luxury. The driver and front passenger were also shown a panoramic view of the road in front of them, which was allowed by the wide body, the lower windshield base and the new design of the front pillars of the chassis, which became 20 percent thinner and pushed back for the driver's seat.

The front seats provide heating and ventilation, and the driver's position memory (higher models) offers more comfort and convenience.

In the technologically advanced cabin, the new 7-inch digital counter with a thin transistor (TFT) for the driver offers a wide range of information displays for the driver to choose from, while a new 8-inch touch screen for the audio system features a volume- and- The menu, along with a graphical user interface that adopts more intuitive applications, compatible with Apple Carbillay and Android Auto, available in EX models and higher.

The 2.0T Sport features new 6-inch windscreen information for the driver and is automatically coupled to the phone via Bluetooth technology.

View the information on the windshield

The Accord 2.0T Sport features an information display on the windshield that uses a concave mirror behind the dashboard to display a wide range of information on the low windshield directly in front of the driver.

The driver can adjust the display position (top and bottom) or turn off the system with buttons on the number panel.

The display mode can be selected with a small button mounted on the steering wheel. The display modes include:

Speed ​​only

Engine speed and speed

Navigational trends plus speed

Compass plus speed

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and LKAS plus speed

Launch warnings and contact information for the phone

View multiple information

The Accord dashboard provides important information about the vehicle and the content of the connection through a driver's data interface area (DII) to display the counters located centrally in the instrument panel.

The steering wheel controls allow the driver to rotate the driver's data interface (DII) through multiple screens of information from sources including a travel computer, telephone, audio, maintenance and many more.

Automatic closing of doors when moving away

Automatic door locking is available when moving in the EX and higher models and automatically locks the Accord when the driver leaves the car with the key.

This ability to close without the use of hands is convenient and comfortable every day and is especially useful when the driver holds objects with his hands or when his hands are busy.

In normal use, when all doors are closed and the driver is driving away, the Accord will automatically close when the distance between the key holder and the vehicle is 2 meters and for two or more seconds, and when no other key is detected inside the vehicle.

There are audible beeps and flashing lights to confirm that the car has been locked. The automatic door lock function is programmable and can be turned on or off as desired by the driver.

Advantages of the audio system

Equipped with advanced and easy-to-use technologies, the Accord features a completely new Human-Machine Interface (HMI) featuring a new 8-inch touch screen display for the 8-inch audio system (EX and higher models) with physical volume and tuning buttons and more intuitive features Mobile applications including app tiles and shortcuts to the main screen, as well as compatibility with Apple Carbillay and Android Auto.

The sound system varies according to the model of the car, from 160 watts, 4 speakers in LX and Sport, 8 speakers and 180 watts in the EX and EX models, 10 speakers and 450 watts in the 2.0T Sport model. All models feature USB charging ports (two 2.5A inputs), as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Safety features and driver assistance

The Accord features many improvements and enhancements to safety and driver assistance features, from the new generation of ACE ™ architecture and Honda's sensing system, as standard equipment in the E-XL and 2.0T Sport models.

The Accord also provides more safety with the use of the driver and front passenger airbags for the first time (standard), as well as Sport 2.0T windshield wipers, EPB (standard) electric brake pads and LED front lights High / Low Sport 2.0T).

The improvement and development work includes the first application to monitor the driver's attention in Accord (models 1.5 Sport and higher).

Design of pedestrian injury mitigation

The front and front of the Accord are designed to help absorb energy in case of a collision with pedestrians. Honda's research has shown that the following advantages can greatly improve the chance of survival and survival of pedestrians if they are hit by a moving vehicle.

The hood is designed to change shape if it is rubbed with a person, whether an adult or child

There is enough space between the hood and the hard drive, allowing the bonnet to change shape when a pedestrian hits

The windshield wiper section has a unique structure for high-efficiency blow absorption

Pillars and supports for the sides of the impact force

Axes for windshield wipers are detachable

Engine hood covers can be changed

Design headrests in the front seats to reduce shock

The headrest is designed on both front seats to help reduce injury to the neck in the event of rear impact by effectively dispersing the forces of the passengers as the cushion is reduced to the head of the passenger.

The rear seat springs are reinforced and customized. In the event of a rear impact and the back of the seat moving forward towards the passenger, the seat absorbs the passenger's mass in a way that can help reduce the injury to the neck.

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New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

Monitor the driver's attention

New at Accord, on highways and main streets The driver's monitoring system continuously monitors and evaluates the driver's behavior behind the wheel to help determine the state of his mind - and, if so, warns the driver to take a break.

The system uses input from the electric steering wheel (EPS) to measure both the number of steering input unit made by the driver to determine consciousness at four levels.

When the driver's attention control system is activated, the driver is first alerted by a coffee cup symbol and a 4-D graphics display on the driver's data interface (DII) under the speedometer and engine speedometer.

The graph bar indicates full awareness when the four white elements on the bar are lit. As the driver's concentration decreases, the number of list items decreases. When the number of items drops to two, a message lights up inviting the driver to take a break.

If the driver continues to drive and the chart descends to the lowest level with one illuminated item, a siren sounds, and the steering wheel beeps, prompting the driver to focus more or take a break.

Honda sensor system

Honda's sensor system helps to provide a better understanding of driving conditions surrounding the vehicle, providing warnings to the driver and, in some circumstances, helping the driver avoid or mitigate the collision. Honda's sensor system comes standard in the EX-L and 2.0 T Sport models.

Features of Honda's sensor system include the following:

  • CMBS ™ system includes pedestrian sensor and front impact warning

  • LKAS

  • Road Exit Limit System (RDM)

  • Exit Departure Warning System (LDW) - Integrated with Road Exit Limit System (RDM)

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed ​​Relay (LSF)

  • Additional driver assistance features are available in a number of models. The corridor control system

When the driver uses the turn signal, a clear image of the front passenger path is displayed on the display of the audio system. This helps the driver to safely change the corridor and to see the driver's invisible areas.

Support high light for front lights

Using a mono camera of the Honda sensor system, the system automatically switches from a high beam of light to a low beam of light when a white or red light source is selected in the front. This reduces driver fatigue and enhances safety levels.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with a low-speed relay system

Adaptive Acceleration (ACC) with the low-speed relay system allows the driver to adjust the desired speed and time interval with the vehicle identified in the front, allowing the cruise control system to be used in light traffic conditions.

This significantly reduces driving pressure on the driver. The system uses millimeter and monochrome radar to continuously track the distance to the vehicle identified in the front, and then adjusts the Accord speed to maintain the time interval set.

You can choose a short, medium, long or very long time period. If necessary, the brakes are automatically used by the VSA. The low-speed tracking system extends the automatic tracking capability of stop-start-up to 0 mph.

Instead, the Sport 2.0T included a visual warning in the windscreen display.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) operates in the following ways:

Detecting a car in front of the track - reduces speed, if necessary, and then controls the relay distance.

The car in front of the passageway eases the speed to stop - the car automatically stops and remains stationary.

The car in the front of the passageway exits after it stops - Relays when the RES or RES buttons are pressed or the throttle is pressed

Another car between Accord and the car in front of the corridor - automatically converts "targets" to the nearest advanced car is sensed.

The car in the front leaves the lane - ACC continues to walk on the speed previously chosen by the driver for the cruise system from 30 to 180 km / h.

A message warns the driver's data interface (DII) and driver audible warnings when the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) function is activated.

External colors

The Accord is available in 10 exterior colors, six of which are pearly colors, four are metallic colors and one is thick.

The new in Honda and Accord include White Pearl Platinum and Red Radiant Metal.

White Pearl Platinum uses large particles of glass chips to shine higher compared to the finishing touches of the traditional white pearl color, while radiant metal radiates shiny metallic particles in an elegant and distinctive way.

Color series

External colors

New - Red Metallic Radiant

New - White Pearl Platinum

Black Pearl Crystal

Silver Lunar metal

Blue obsidian pearly

Gray Modern Metal Steel

Champagne yellow pearl

Bony Kuna Metal

Red San Marino (available only in Sport and 2.0 Sport)

Blue Steel Pearl Knight (Available only in Sport and 2.0 Sport)

Interior colors



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New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology 
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New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology 
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology

New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology
New Honda Accord - A High-End Sedan Full Of Technology


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