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Volkswagen celebrates Disney film Aladdin

Volkswagen celebrates Disney film Aladdin

Aladdin - film 2019 - AlloCiné
Volkswagen celebrates Disney film Aladdin

Volkswagen Middle East celebrates Disney's "Aladdin", a new version of the classic cartoon film, and will be launched in the GCC by May 23, 2019.

As of May 23, 2019, an interesting story will be presented in cinemas throughout the region that tells the story of the charming boy Aladdin who used to roam the streets, the glamorous princess and the courageous Yasmin, and the light bulb that will help them in the future.

To celebrate the re-production of this timeless story, Volkswagen, the recently launched brand of the Tremont, the region's first seven-seat SUV, has invited all families in the Gulf to visit Aladdin's film, In Volkswagen agencies on May 7.

Visitors to the event can take pictures with the characters on the back curtains and then upload them, where they will have the chance to win movie tickets for the new version of the film.

Volkswagen will motivate its customers with Volkswagen's Volkswagen Messenger, which will tell each participant what his / her most personal personality is based on a set of simple questions. The robot will also offer an opportunity to win movie tickets to see Aladdin's film so families can enjoy the amazing and spectacular adventures.

Commenting on the event, Bruno Jiske, Marketing Director, Volkswagen Middle East, said: "Volkswagen and Disney are brands that are dedicated to providing happy moments for families, whether by chanting a group song during a journey in the car, or telling a story From the back seat, or ride the car and go to the cinema to watch the latest movies, and our collaboration with Disney is only evidence of our commitment to delight people and interest them.

The collaboration between Volkswagen and Walt Disney Middle East will also see Volkswagen's participation in the exciting preparations for two movie films Walt Disney plans to launch later this year: The Lion King and Frozen 2.

Aladdin - film 2019 - AlloCiné
Volkswagen celebrates Disney film Aladdin

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